Monday, December 7, 2009


Just some random sketches.

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Trevlyn said...


My name is Trevor Reece. I stumbled upon your website a while back when my
friend posted a link to it on a mutual friend's Facebook. You are a really
talented artist. The reason I am writing to you is I was wondering if you
would like to work together in the possibility of creating a comic book. I
am a bit of a writer and I have an idea, coincidentally, about people with

The general idea of it is that there are two secret societies that are in
a constant rivalry, a group dedicated to the appreciation of facial hair
and all the awesomeness that comes with it. The second group is a band of
completely hairless men who feel that the fact humans have hair is making
them more like animals and hair is holding us back from reaching our full
potential. Caught in the middle of this is Glenn Paulson, a middle
management guy who is completely content with his middle of the road life.
Glenn is pulled into this war after he makes a short video as part of a
"Mustache-Off" that his work puts on, where the men grow facial hair and
get people to bet that their facial hair will look the best when all is
said and done. The video goes a little viral and is seen by both groups,
who believe Glenn to be the final piece of each other's groups. This leads
to Glenn being courted by both groups, with the climax being the hairless
men have created a machine that will remove the hair of every human on
Earth, which the bearded group believes should be stopped.

Clearly this is a light hearted kinda book and that's why I am reaching
out to you. I think that your art would be a great fit for this idea and
if you wanted to attempt to create this and try and get it out there,
that'd be awesome.

Here are some of my writing samples to give you a feel of my style

Let me know what you think and hopefully we can get something going.

PS. This isn't spam or an automation