Friday, November 27, 2009

Still Alive

So my flight got shifted to Sunday, just letting everyone know I'm still alive and more beards are forthcoming. Thank you everyone for the kind words, and I am taking your suggestions. I can't wait to get home and draw the hell out of them.

Thanks again!



GICA | Gisele dos Santos | said...


you are alive and in one of most important site of news in Brazil.
Look that:,,MUL1398120-7084,00-DESENHISTA+DA+BARBA+A+BATMAN+E+ROBOCOP.html

Great job.



LeWZ said...

Hey, how about a Sonic (hedgehog) beard?

Vini (Visentini) said...

Make a He-man beard. This is the name! He-man!!!
Congrats for your work!