Monday, August 27, 2007


So I'm over at a friend's house, and he opens Firefox to google something. When the window opens, it displays my Flickr account. Cursiously, with a hint of excitement, I ask if that is his home page. Sadly, he reponds no, it's just the last site he visited. It sorta felt like getting a silver medal instead of gold, but meh. Anyway, he then tells me that he checks it pretty regularly for any updates I make.

After some researching, I find that my blog, my flickr, and my deivnatART are checked regularly by some of my friends (bookmarked even!). Which is a good feeling to say the least.

So thank you to all who do this.


1 comment:

Austin said...

Hey! That's me!
aaaaand it's Opera, not Firefox, sheesh!