Sunday, August 19, 2007

Character Design in Games: Fable 2

Another installment of Character design in games, this time, to prove to everybody I'm not all negative, I will be praising the fine work of one particular studio who tried to do what Oblivion did. With the first Fable my opinion is that they did a better job from am artistic point of view. Gameplay, not so much.


That studio is Lionhead Studios, and the particular game is Fable 2.

Now, the original Fable had it's drawbacks, it wasn't anywhere close to what they promised, which in the end sort of ruined the game for a lot of people. Had there been no hype, I think it would've done fine. Still, despite the downsides of the game, the art was not one of them. Everything in the world looked stylized, unique, and fantastic.

So far, only concept art has been released of the new game, and I've been devouring it like a mad man. Take this concept of the hero and his dog. The character is a stylized version of the time period, easily recognizable, and just plain cool looking.

Need more proof they know what they're doing? Here's another sort of classic look revived.

Thumbs up.


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